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Ancient Egypt Amulets
Ancient Egypt Amulets

Ancient Egypt Amulets

Powerful ornaments


The Ancient Egyptians wore amulets which were said to be powerful ornaments that could communicate with the gods and goddesses, and even form connections with the dead. Ancient Egypt amulets were often associated with particular gods and goddesses and were worn for specific purposes, such as to watch over the wearer. For instance, some of these amulets were worn to honour Osiris at the time of the annual flooding of the Nile in the hopes that there would be a good harvest.

In addition to wearing such amulets, the Egyptians used them in religious ceremonies and burial rites to honour the gods, goddesses and the dead. Amulets of this kind were nearly always buried with the dead in order to help them in the afterlife. Finally, such amulets were believed to have healing properties and were used in Egyptian medicine.



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