Use code SAVE10 to get 10% off any new subscription! (Renews at full price)

Use code SAVE10 to get 10% off any new subscription! (Renews at full price)

Enrich Your Homeschooling Journey with Our Exciting History Subscription Box!

Delight your homeschool scholars with an immersive dive into historical eras, conveniently packed into a monthly subscription box, straight to your doorstep!

Thrilling Homeschool History Adventures

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure through homeschool history with your little learners? Wave farewell to those boring textbooks and say hello to the exhilarating world of Mysteries in Time!

Making Homeschool Reading a Fun-Filled Adventure

Ignite your child’s passion for reading and global understanding with our innovative and engaging subscription!

Benefits of Mysteries in Time for Homeschool History

Elevate Learning

Instills curiosity, critical thinking and a lifelong love of learning

Empower Literacy

Encourage bookworms and reluctant readers alike to explore the past.

Fuel Curiosity

Discover our award-winning materials that foster critical thinking.

Engaging Content

Steady stream of engaging content fosters interest in history

Discover the Wonders of Homeschool History 

homeschooling history resource boy with educational wild west history box for homeschooling

Homeschool History Made Easy

Ready to catapult your homeschool history lessons from mundane to marvellous? Presenting our award-winning history resource that’s like a time machine for learning!

With this fantastic educational journey, you’ll breathe life into your homeschool history curriculum in a way you’ve never imagined. With every pack, your young time-travellers will be whisked away on exhilarating journeys through the ages, where they will uncover the secrets of key events, rub shoulders with influential figures and get up close and personal with fascinating cultures from across the globe.


A Fun and Engaging Way to Teach Homeschool History and Literacy

Our collection of age-appropriate and captivating materials is guaranteed to make your history lessons unforgettable. With heart-pounding adventure stories, jaw-dropping fun facts, brain-tickling puzzles and hands-on crafts and recipes, your kids won’t just learn history – they’ll live it!

Our innovative and refreshing approach masterfully blends the best of fiction and non-fiction in every single adventure. But wait, there’s more! We’ve woven cross-curricular elements from literacy, geography and beyond to create a truly immersive and comprehensive learning experience.

Don’t hesitate! Order today and let the historical adventures begin!

What is included in every Homeschool History pack?


Adventure Story

Embark on an incredible journey & experience different eras with the captivating, time-travelling story.


World Map & Timeline

Free world map with timeline in your 1st pack helps you track your journeys through history



An essential reading accessory that doubles as a historical guide through the main events of the era


Easy-to-follow history magazine & activities

Your personal historical guide packed with engaging puzzles, crafts, fascinating facts, recipes & fun activities!



Bring an extra dash of fun with vibrant, colourful, history-inspired stickers


Unique Packaging

Experience history come alive as the Time Machine-inspired packaging immerses you in the story upon arrival.

Worldwide Shipping Available

Happy customers in over 40 countries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Starting from £11.95 / US$15.25 / CA$20.23 / AU$22.83 / €13.90 per month on a 12-month pre-pay plan.

You can pay in UK £ | US $ | CA $ | AU $ | Euro.  

  • Shipping within the UK is free.
  • Shipping to Ireland is £1.95 (€2.95) per month.
  • Shipping to rest of world is £2.95 (€3.95 / US $3.95 / Ca $5.95 / Au $5.95) per month.
Can I buy a non-renewing gift order?

Yes! On the check-out page, choose 'this is a gift'. You can then set how many shipments you want. The plan won't renew after your chosen number of shipments have been sent.

Please note: if you place a non-renewing subscription, you will receive a cancellation email as soon as the order is placed. Any adventures paid for will still be shipped, but the renewing aspect is cancelled automatically. If you then reactivate the subscription, you will be renewing it for another term and you will be charged again.

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide from the UK. You can pay in UK £ | US $ | CA $ | AU $ | Euro.  

  • Shipping within the UK is free.
  • Shipping to Ireland is £1.95 (€2.95) per month.
  • Shipping to rest of world is £2.95 (€3.95 / US $3.95 / Ca $5.95 / Au $5.95) per month.
When will I receive my first pack?

New orders are shipped within 5 working days of placing your order. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! Simply log in to your account and cancel your next subscription renewal. This will cancel any future renewals; any adventures already paid for will still stand.

Can I have multiple packs shipped at the same time?

If you choose the subscription, they will be shipped one every month.

If you prefer to receive multiple packs in one go, please buy from the shop page.

Can I choose which topics I will receive?

Subscriptions are sent in a set order.

Prefer to order one-off packs? Please visit our shop page, where you can choose your topic.


What type of item is included if I upgrade?

You will receive one surprise item that is themed to each month's adventure. Past examples include magnets, key-rings or a 3d model kits.

Choose to upgrade during the check-out process for subscriptions only.

Upgrade costs £4.95 (€5.95 / US$6.95 / CA$8.95 / AU$9.95) per month per child.

Why people love Mysteries in Time for Homeschool History

“Brilliant! I homeschool my children and I use these with my youngest who is now 8. I wish I knew about this subscription when my older two were younger. Covers a topic in history in such a fun and informative way. We both enjoy the activities and makes me prep for the lesson so much easier and saves me loads of time. Thank you!!”

Naomi Jesson

“We have loved using Mysteries in Time it’s a fun and rich learning resource.
My daughter has completely engaged with every box, we want more!!!!
Perfect for Home Educating families.”

Sianne Spry

Boy Reading History Magazine

Interested to explore the fantastic world of Mysteries in Time but still looking for more information? Discover what other thrilled parents and their young time-travellers have to say by checking out our raving reviews. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

How it Works


1, 3, 6 or 12 month plans


Monthly deliveries to your door!


Learn through stories!

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How to Use Charter School Funds for Homeschool History with Mysteries in Time

If you are a homeschooling family in the USA, you may be eligible to use charter school funds to purchase our history resources. Many charter schools already consider our materials to be an excellent educational resource and recommend it for use as part of a homeschool history curriculum.

This is a great way to utilise your educational budget and provide your children with high-quality educational materials that they will love.

To obtain Mysteries in Time using charter school funds in the USA, simply contact your charter school’s education specialist or administrator. They can provide you with all the information you need to start your homeschool history adventure.

Start your Homeschool History Adventure Today!

If you’re looking for a high-quality and engaging homeschool history resource for your child, look no further than Mysteries in Time. With our combination of age-appropriate magazines, fiction books, bookmarks, sticker sheets and world map, your child will have everything they need to explore the fascinating world of history.

Start your history adventure today and watch your child’s love of learning and history grow!

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