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Save 10% on a new subscription: use code SAVE10

About Mysteries in Time

Peter & Samantha

The inspiration behind Mysteries in Time

Welcome to Mysteries in Time, your passport to the enthralling world of history, where learning is a grand adventure. We are Samantha and Peter, the co-founders of this unique historical journey.

Our story begins in 2014 when Peter and Samantha, a dedicated primary school teacher, made a life-changing decision to embark on a journey that would take us far from the comforts of our daily lives. Our mission was simple: to explore the world, to immerse ourselves in different cultures, to have an adventure!

Learning through Stories

As we travelled to remote corners of the globe, we were captivated by the remarkable stories of people we encountered along the way. It was these personal narratives that created the most powerful memories of our travels.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

One unforgettable moment took place at a train station in Dhaka, where we met a man proudly bearing a bullet wound scar from the Bangladeshi War of Independence. His personal account of that turbulent period had a strong emotional impact on us.

Malapascua, Philippines

During our visit to the Philippines, we met different local business owners who recounted their experiences in the aftermath of the devastating super typhoon of 2013. Their stories of rebuilding their homes, businesses and community left a strong impression on us.

Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan

Another memorable experience was in Turkmenistan, where we met two friends who hailed from Russian descent, whose lives had been dramatically transformed in the wake of the Soviet Union’s dissolution. They brought to life the way society can change as a result of political situations.

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

During our stay with nomadic Mongolian families, our guide and translator shared her captivating experiences of growing up in a nomadic lifestyle while tending to animals on the vast Mongolian steppes. Her stories painted a vivid picture of the traditions of the Mongolian nomadic way of life.

It was these conversations and personal stories that painted the most vivid pictures and made lasting memories for us, while also opening our eyes to the profound impact of history on individuals and communities alike. Reflecting on these life stories, we understood that the most effective way to learn history is through stories. As humans, we are inherently fascinated by the narratives that define our past, shape our present, and guide our future. It is through these tales that we can truly grasp history.

Mysteries in Time was born!

And so, Mysteries in Time was born out of our shared love of history, coupled with with Samantha’s passion for teaching and storytelling! We understood that for children, the journey of learning about history should be an engaging and immersive experience. Our platform is dedicated to bringing history to life through captivating stories that transport young minds to different eras, allowing them to connect with the people and events that have shaped our world.

Proudest Moments

We’re incredibly proud of our journey since launching Mysteries in Time. From our humble beginnings, we’ve now successfully shipped captivating historical adventures to happy customers in over 40 countries, sharing the joy of learning through stories with families worldwide.

Mysteries in Time Receiving SBS Award from Theo Paphitis

Theo Paphitis, SBS Award


Just a few weeks after we launched the business in 2016, we were incredibly proud when renowned entrepreneur and former Dragon’s Den star, Theo Paphitis, recognised our contribution to educational innovation with an SBS Award.

Small Business Sunday, widely known as SBS, is a remarkable initiative founded by Theo Paphitis that provides a platform for small business owners to showcase their products and services. This exposure not only boosts the visibility of these businesses but also grants them access to invaluable networking opportunities and support from a community of fellow entrepreneurs. 

His support for small businesses has been invaluable, and to be acknowledged by such an eminent figure so early in our business journey was a significant milestone for us.


Since launching Mysteries in Time, we’ve been honoured with numerous accolades that affirm the quality and impact of our work.

We are proud to have been recognised by the prestigious Made for Mums Awards, an organisation dedicated to rigorously testing and awarding the best in parent and child products.

Our innovative approach to learning also caught the attention of the Junior Design Awards, where our unique blend of history and storytelling earned us top honours.

Mysteries in Time Awards

Made for Mums & Junior Design Awards

Great British Entrepreneur Award Mysteries in Time

The Great British Entrepreneur Award 2022 – Creative Entrepreneur of the Year


In 2022, we were extremely proud to have won the Great British Creative Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

This award underscores our commitment to creating engaging, high-quality educational content and highlights our innovative approach in making learning history through stories an exciting adventure for children.

These awards symbolise our commitment to excellence and our dedication to transforming the way children learn history.


The past has many stories to tell, and we invite you to join us as we uncover them. With Mysteries in Time, every activity-filled pack is an exciting exploration, and every young learner is an adventurer.

Samantha and Peter