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Use code SAVE15 to save £15 on any new 12-month pre-paid subscription.

About Mysteries in Time

Peter & Samantha

What was the inspiration behind Mysteries in Time

Welcome to Mysteries in Time, your passport to the enthralling world of history, where learning is a grand adventure. We are Peter and Samantha, the co-founders of this unique historical journey.

Our story began at university, where we met and bonded over our mutual curiosity for the world around us. Samantha was studying languages, with a strong emphasis on history and literature modules. These academic pursuits stirred a passion in her for the rich tales of our past. She took her love for languages beyond the confines of the university, teaching English abroad for a year – an experience that made her fall in love with teaching. Upon returning to London, she pursued a teaching degree and subsequently taught at a primary school in East London. This experience fortified her understanding of young minds and the most effective ways to engage them in learning.

In 2014, our shared love for exploration led us on a year-long globe-trotting adventure. From the scenic landscapes of Kazakhstan, the vibrant cultural mix of Indonesia, the bustling energy of Bangladesh, to the colourful history of Mexico, we traversed the world. As we journeyed, we realised that our preparations always began with diving into the history of the countries we were visiting. The fascinating tales of the past, the historical landmarks and the stories they carried became our stepping stones into these new lands.

This was our eureka moment. We realised our shared passion for history and travel could be more than just a personal interest. Coupled with Samantha’s educational expertise, it could be a unique way to make learning history an exciting adventure for children. Mysteries in Time was born!

Our aim with Mysteries in Time is to ignite a love for history in young minds. We create captivating narratives and engaging educational content, turning the exploration of historical events, civilisations and figures into a thrilling journey through time. With customers in over 40 countries worldwide, we are very proud of what we have achieved.

Our innovative approach has not gone unnoticed. Since launching Mysteries in Time, we’ve been honoured with numerous accolades that affirm the quality and impact of our work. We are proud to have been recognised by the prestigious Made for Mums Awards, an organisation dedicated to rigorously testing and awarding the best in parent and child products. Our innovative approach to learning also caught the attention of the Junior Design Awards, where our unique blend of history and storytelling earned us top honours.

We were incredibly proud when renowned entrepreneur Theo Paphitis recognised our contribution to educational innovation. His support for small businesses has been invaluable, and to be acknowledged by such an eminent figure was a significant milestone for us.

Our most recent accolade was winning the Creative Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2022. This award underscores our commitment to creating engaging, high-quality educational content and highlights our innovative approach in making history and reading an exciting adventure for children. These awards symbolise our commitment to excellence and our dedication to transforming the way children learn history.


The past has many stories to tell, and we invite you to join us as we uncover them. With Mysteries in Time, every activity-filled pack is an exciting exploration, and every young learner is an adventurer.


Peter and Samantha,

Co-founders, Mysteries in Time