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Royal Revelry: Fun Ways for Kids to Celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III

The United Kingdom is abuzz with excitement as the nation prepares to witness the historic coronation of King Charles III. With a little creativity, parents and caregivers can make this historic event both fun and educational for their little ones. To help you get started, we’ve gathered a list of engaging activities that will allow kids to explore their royal side and immerse themselves in the excitement of the coronation.


  1. Craft Your Own Crown

King Charles III's Corornation Craft a Crown

No royal celebration is complete without a dazzling crown! Provide a variety of materials such as colourful paper and card, stickers, glitter and gems for children to design their own unique crown. This activity not only sparks creativity, but also allows children to learn about the significance of the crown in British history and its symbolism during the coronation ceremony.


  1. Host a Royal Tea Party

Organise a tea party fit for a king or queen! Encourage children to dress in their best royal attire, complete with crowns and tiaras. Set the table with fancy teacups, plates and napkins, and serve traditional British treats like cucumber sandwiches, scones with jam and cream and shortbread biscuits. Make the event even more special by inviting friends and neighbours to join in the royal celebration.


  1. Royal Storytime

Reading Stories about the Monarchy

Gather a collection of children’s books about kings, queens and other royal figures. Take turns reading the stories aloud. Why not mix in some non-fiction books about real kings and queens from history? This activity is not only a wonderful way to enjoy reading together, but also provides an opportunity to learn about the monarchy and its role in British culture.


  1. Explore a Local Castle

If you’re fortunate enough to live near a castle or historic site, take the opportunity to visit with your children. This hands-on experience will make the concept of royalty and history come alive for them as they wander through the halls and grounds of these magnificent structures.


  1. Bake Coronation-themed Treats

Victoria Sponge Cake: Coronation Treat

Get kids involved in the kitchen by baking special treats to mark the occasion, like Victoria sponge cake, scones or biscuits. To make the experience extra special, try decorating the treats with royal icing or edible glitter, giving them that extra touch of regal flair. Children will enjoy the process of baking and decorating, and sharing these treats with friends and family will make the celebration extra special.


Celebrating King Charles III’s Coronation: Fun Activities for Kids

The coronation of King Charles III offers a unique opportunity for children to engage with British history, culture and tradition. By participating in these fun and educational activities, they’ll gain a deeper knowledge of the monarchy and create lasting memories of this historic event. So let the royal festivities begin and have a splendid time celebrating the coronation with your little ones!