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Are you a teacher, parent, or guardian searching for a unique way to explore fun Aztec activities for kids? Look no further! You’ve stumbled upon a treasure trove of Aztec activities for kids who love adventure. Filled with hands-on craft ideas, games and other fun educational resources, this guide is all about exploring the ancient Aztec civilisation in the most engaging way possible.

Uncover The Fun: Aztec Activities for Kids

What better way to learn about history than by getting hands-on? Let’s dive into some wonderful Aztec-themed activities. They’re perfect for kids who are eager to explore ancient cultures or for those school projects on historical civilisations.

1. Crafting Aztec Masks

Masks were a significant part of Aztec culture, often used in ceremonies and rituals. Crafting Aztec masks not only unleashes kids’ creativity but also paves the way to discuss Aztec religious beliefs and practices.

Materials Needed:

  • Cardboard
  • Paints
  • Glitter
  • Sequins
  • Feathers
  • Glue

Instructions: Sketch an Aztec-inspired mask shape on the cardboard and cut it out. Now, let your little artist take over! They can paint, decorate, and bring their Aztec mask to life with glitters, sequins, and feathers.

2. DIY Aztec Sun Stones

aztec activities for kids aztec sun stone 

One of the most famous Aztec artifacts is the Sun Stone or Aztec Calendar. Kids will have a blast creating their version of this intricate masterpiece.

Materials Needed:

  • Air-dry clay
  • Toothpicks
  • Paints

Instructions: Give your child a slab of clay to shape into a round stone. Using toothpicks, they can etch Aztec-inspired designs into their Sun Stone. Once dry, it’s time to paint and display their beautiful artifact!

3. Fun Aztec Activities for Kids: Treasure Hunt

Create an Aztec-inspired treasure hunt. Hide objects related to Aztec culture around your home or garden and write a set of clues. Kids will have fun and learn as they race around, deciphering clues and uncovering treasures.

4. Aztec Code Breaker

The Aztecs had a unique writing system that combined pictures and symbols. Make a simple Aztec ‘code’ and have your kids play code breaker, translating the symbols into words or sentences.

5. Whisk up an Aztec Storm In The Kitchen: Aztec Hot Chocolate

aztec activities for kids hot chocolate

Cooking can be an entertaining and delicious way to learn about a civilisation. The Aztecs were the first to discover the joy of chocolate! Try your hand at an authentic Aztec hot chocolate recipe, adding in chilli and honey for that extra kick and sweetness.


Stepping Back in Time: Concluding Our Journey through Aztec Activities for Kids

With this wealth of Aztec activities for kids, it’s time to dive into a world of historical fun. Your children will not only enjoy these engaging crafts, games and recipes but also gain a greater appreciation of the rich Aztec culture and history. Happy exploring!


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