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Use code SAVE10 to get 10% off any new subscription! (Renews at full price)

Airports and aeroplanes, oh my! Crafting a travel activity pack for kids is our secret weapon to transform the challenges of sky-high adventures with our little explorers into a whirlwind of fun. Sure, as parents, we might be on cloud nine at the thought of a family holiday, but we know the long flight hours can be a dampener for our little ones’ excitement. Fret not, strap on your pilot’s hats because we’re about to make this journey as action-packed as the destination itself with the ultimate travel activity pack for kids!

The Secret Superpower of a Travel Activity Pack for Kids

Imagine transforming turbulence into tranquillity with a simple backpack. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t! A thoughtfully curated travel activity pack for kids can turn your journey from ‘are we there yet?’ to ‘we’re here already?!’ It’s the superhero of air travel, turning restless little passengers into peaceful globetrotters.

Pack a Punch with these Travel Activity Pack Essentials

1.  Books – Your Magical Portals

Unleash your child’s imagination in the confines of an aeroplane cabin with an assortment of books. Picture books, pop-up books, sticker books or captivating mysteries for the older kids. Or let them dive into the magical world of an audiobook with kid-friendly headphones.

2.  Educational Games – The Brains and Fun Combo

Want to keep their neurons firing while having fun? Board games, puzzles and brain teasers are your best bet. Travel-friendly versions of classics like Scrabble and Uno, or brain-busting Rubik’s cubes, can make the time ‘fly’!

3.  Craft Supplies – The Rainbow in Your Pack

travel activity drawing

Children love to create. Give them an artistic outlet with drawing pads, crayons, coloured pencils and stickers. You might be surprised at the masterpieces they create at 35,000 feet!

4.  Snacks – The Tummy Tamers

We all know the growling beast that is a hungry child! Tame it with a careful selection of their favourite snacks. From fruit slices to cheesy treats, remember that a full child is a happy child (and a quiet one, too).

5.  Comfort Items – The Cuddle Buddies

We all need a bit of comfort during long flights. For your little ones, it could be a favourite stuffed toy, a blanket or a pillow. Don’t forget these precious cuddle buddies in your travel activity pack.

6.  Digital Entertainment – The Ace Up Your Sleeve

Sometimes, screens are our best friends, especially on long flights. Load a tablet with games, apps and movies that your child loves. Remember, this is your secret weapon when all else fails.

7.  Destination Fun – Your Kid’s Passport to Adventure

family on the plane with travel activity pack

Heading to Greece? Make your journey a teaser of the excitement that awaits. Sprinkle some destination-themed fun into your travel activity pack. A Greek myth adventure story or some Ancient Greek-themed activities can whet your little ones’ appetite for the holiday. This not only educates them about the place they’re visiting but also stokes their excitement. It’s like giving your child their very own adventure passport!


Organise for the Win!

Now, just stuffing all these items in a bag might not cut it. Create an exciting treasure hunt with a well-organised backpack with multiple compartments. Who knows, your child might enjoy looking for their favourite things almost as much as using them!

The Last Word…

So, there you have it! An arsenal of ideas to create the ultimate travel activity pack for kids. Remember, variety is the spice of life, and flexibility is the key to a stress-free journey. But most importantly, this isn’t just about getting from A to B without losing your sanity; it’s about creating treasured memories with your little adventurers. Buckle up, and happy travels!


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