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These Ancient Greek project ideas are perfect tools to get your kids excited about history.

Kids learn all about Ancient Greece in our fourth adventure history box and these Ancient Greek project ideas are the perfect tools to help get your kids excited. And there is so much to learn, as one of the most sophisticated civilisations in the ancient world. Between the years of 800 BC and 146 BC, Ancient Greece underwent a lot of social, cultural and scientific progress — so much so that it is sometimes called “the birthplace of Western civilisation.”

Below are just a few Ancient Greek project ideas that will educate your children about Ancient Greece, while keeping them entertained and enthusiastic about learning.

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1. Write Your Own Ancient Greek Myth

This is an activity your kid will love if they enjoy a bit of creative writing. First, teach your kids about Greek myths. Most Greek myths share similar characteristics, so your children should include these when they’re writing. The story needs a clear beginning, middle and end. And, of course, the myth should include a god or goddess — or two. What would a Greek myth be without a god?  You can go a step further and ask your kids to illustrate their stories. And thanks to modern-day apps, you can always turn the finished product into an actual book as a keepsake!


2.  Ancient Greek Project Ideas: Stage your Own Olympics​

ancient greek olympic ringsInitially, the Olympic Games were a one-day event. This all changed in 684 BC, when they were extended to three days, and then finally to five days in the 5th century. The original Olympic Games included running, long jump, shot put, boxing and javelin, to name a few.

As a fun project that can span a few days, why not stage your own Olympic Games? You don’t need to stick to the original sports — have some fun with it. Maybe do a three-legged race, a tug of war or a bean bag toss. Have medals at the ready, take lots of photos and enjoy yourselves. This is a great way for kids to learn while exercising.


3. Make Your Own ‘Ancient’ Greek Vase

ancient greek vasePottery was an important part of Ancient Greece. You can make your own vase from papier mâché. This will be messy!

First, blow up a balloon. Then rip up a newspaper into pieces. Now, simply mix PVA glue with water (half measures of each should be plenty). Dip the pieces of ripped paper into the watery glue, then stick onto the balloon. Once the balloon is covered in several layers, leave the balloon to dry.

Once dried, (this could be several days later!) pop the balloon. Your vase is ready for decoration. You can paint it, or cover it in orange tissue paper then stick cut-out silhouettes from black paper to the side. Vases can be decorated with depictions of gods, soldiers or everyday life, or even simple geometric patterns. Cut out and discard the centre of a small paper plate, then curl it round and staple the ends together.  Attach to the base to make a stand. Add strips of black paper for handles for a finishing touch.

This is a great way to while away the hours, and it will make a great keepsake.

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4. Ancient Greek Project Ideas: Create a Spartan Outfit

We all know about Sparta and its army. Back in the days of Ancient Greece, children were trained early — some as young as seven years old!

After a lesson on the Spartans and their armour, let your child have a hand at making their own costume. You can even make one out of cardboard! Give them a range of materials and watch the creativity flow (but be sure to keep an eye on all the commotion).


5. Build a Parthenon with Lolly Sticks

ancient greece parthenon templeThe Parthenon may have taken around 15 years to build, but we reckon your kid can get it built in a day. This is a really fun project for any child who loves a bit of art and crafts. All you need is a lot of lolly sticks, some glue and a lot of dedication. Build your 3d model by glueing lolly sticks on top of each other. This will be tricky, but worth the effort!

A simpler option is to paint a background image (we see idyllic blue skies, white fluffy clouds…) then glue the lolly sticks flat onto the paper to create your Parthenon masterpiece!


6. Make a Mask for the Greek Theatre

Ancient Greek actors wore masks in theatre to depict different characters and emotions. To make a mask with your child, cut out a large cardboard circle. Cut out the eyes, and decorate as you like. You can keep things authentic, or you can take a modern spin on things and get the glitter out.


7. Ancient Greek Project Ideas: write a Top Ten List

This is a simpler project in some ways but requires a little thought. After a few lessons on Ancient Greece, ask your child to sit down and make some top ten lists. Examples can include:

  • The top ten most powerful Greek gods.
  • The top ten most epic natural disasters of Ancient Greece.
  • The top ten most notable events that shaped Ancient Greece.
  • The top ten places I most want to visit in Greece.
  • The top ten reasons why we still study Ancient Greece.

We hope you and your kids enjoy these projects! We’d love to see photos of your finished products, so don’t forget to tag us on Instagram or Twitter.

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