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Viking Religion - Thors Hammer
Viking Warriors

Viking Religion


The Viking religion was based around worshipping many gods and goddesses. This was similar to the Ancient Romans and the Ancient Greeks, who were also polytheists, which means they worshipped many gods, goddesses instead of one single god.

Often, the Viking gods and goddesses were believed to be the personification of everyday things, for example there was a god of the sea and a god of the sun. The two most important gods in the Viking or Norse mythology were Odin and Thor.

Odin was the father of the gods, who was typically represented as being an older man with a cloak and staff and sometimes a missing eye. He had oversight of things such as death, healing and war.

Thor was his son and was the god of war and typically depicted as an immensely powerful god who held a giant hammer. Thor was the most widely worshipped god in Viking times in Scandinavia.



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