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Use code SAVE10 to get 10% off any new subscription! (Renews at full price)


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Ancient Egypt Activity Pack

Epic Ancient Egypt Activity Pack


Explore the enigmatic world of pharaohs and pyramids with the Ancient Egypt activity pack

Elizabethan/Tudor Era Activity Pack

Extraordinary Elizabethan Era Activity Pack


Discover the world of mighty queens, daring explorers and exciting plays in the time of Queen Elizabeth I with this Elizabethan era activity pack…

World War 2 Activity Pack

Exclusive World War 2 Activity Pack


Explore the gripping world of evacuees and wartime Britain with the Evacuees in World War 2 activity pack…

Ancient Greece Activity Pack

Ultimate Ancient Greece Activity Pack


Discover the fascinating world of gods and heroes with the Ancient Greece activity pack

Wild West Activity Pack

Wonderous Wild West Activity Pack


Explore the rugged world of cowboys and gold rushes with the Wild West activity pack

Aztec Empire Activity Pack

Astounding Aztec Empire Activity Pack


Explore the mysterious world of warriors and temples with the Aztec Empire activity pack.

Ancient Rome Activity Pack

Remarkable Ancient Rome Activity Pack


Discover the grand world of emperors and gladiators with the Ancient Rome activity pack

Victorians Activity Pack

Irresistible Victorians Activity Pack


Discover the intricate world of inventors and royalty with the Victorians activity pack

Vikings Activity Pack

Amazing Vikings Activity Pack


Explore the thrilling world of raiders and longships with the Vikings activity pack

Ancient China Activity Pack

Captivating Ancient China Activity Pack


Explore the mystical world of emperors and dragons with the Ancient China activity pack

Space Activity Pack

Stellar Space Activity Pack


Explore the wondrous world of stars and planets with the Space activity pack

Stuarts Activity Pack

Superb Stuarts Activity Pack


Explore the complex world of kings, rebellion and fiery events with the Stuarts activity pack

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