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Use code SAVE15 to save £15 on any new 12-month pre-paid subscription.

Superb Stuarts Activity Pack


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Explore the complex world of kings, rebellion and fiery events with the Stuarts activity pack, a unique journey that delves into the secrets and drama of one of history’s most tumultuous periods.

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Discover the fascination of the Stuart era with this expertly curated Stuarts activity pack. Unearth the enthralling world of Stuart monarchs, the political struggles of the English Civil War, the infamous Gunpowder Plot with Guy Fawkes, and the devastating Great Fire of London.

This activity pack offers engaging activities, fun puzzles and a time-travelling story that will transport you back to the conspiracies and city streets of the Stuart period. Crafted with vivid detail, this activity pack will ignite your love for learning and bring the riveting history of the Stuarts, filled with intrigue and adventure, right to your fingertips.

Order now and become the historian of your very own thrilling expedition!

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