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Use code SAVE15 to save £15 on any new 12-month pre-paid subscription.

World War 2 Class Activity Resource Pack (16 Pack)


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Explore the compelling world of evacuees and wartime Britain with Mysteries in Time’s World War 2 Class Activity Resource Pack, a unique educational journey that exposes the secrets and struggles of one of history’s most demanding periods.


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Uncover the real-life experiences of evacuees during World War II with this carefully curated World War 2 Class Activity Resource Pack, designed specifically for schools and teachers. Lead your students through history as they learn about children's evacuations, wartime resilience and the indomitable spirit of a nation under siege.

This class package is packed with interactive activities, engaging puzzles and a time-travelling story, all aligned with educational standards. It's crafted with educational integrity and enthusiasm to transport your students back to the days of the Second World War, providing a vivid and resonant learning experience.

With its exceptional educational value, this pack will ignite your students' passion for learning and make the poignant history of wartime evacuees an essential part of their historical understanding.

Order now and become the guide for your class's very own historical exploration! Transform your lessons into a portal to the past and inspire the next generation of historical detectives and thinkers.

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Adventure Story

16 Paperback Chapter Book – 50 pages

History Magazine

16 Fact-based non-fiction Magazine – 28 pages

Sticker Sheet

16 Themed Sticker Sheets

Bookmark with Timeline

16 Themed Bookmark with Timeline

Free World Map with interactive Timeline

1 Classroom A1-sized World Map with Timeline