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Use code SAVE15 to save £15 on any new 12-month pre-paid subscription.

Vikings Class Activity Resource Pack (16 Pack)


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Introduce your students to the captivating world of raiders and longships with the Mysteries in Time’s Viking Class Activity Resource Pack, a distinctive educational journey that uncovers the secrets and adventures of some of history’s most daring explorers.

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Unlock the excitement of the Viking Age with this exceptional Viking Class Activity Resource Pack, tailored specifically for schools. Delve into the past with your class as you explore the fascinating world of Norse warriors, explorers and the detailed artistry of their ships and weapons.

This classroom pack is filled with interactive activities, engaging puzzles and a time-travelling story, all aligned with curriculum standards. It's designed to transport your students back to the era of Viking exploration and conquest. This comprehensive educational tool will spark your students' passion for history and make the enthralling world of the Vikings accessible right in your classroom.

Order now and become the guide for your students' very own historical adventure!

Additional information

Adventure Story

16 Paperback Chapter Book – 50 pages

History Magazine

16 Fact-based non-fiction Magazine – 28 pages

Sticker Sheet

16 Themed Sticker Sheets

Bookmark with Timeline

16 Themed Bookmark with Timeline

Free World Map with interactive Timeline

1 Classroom A1-sized World Map with Timeline