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Use code SAVE15 to save £15 on any new 12-month pre-paid subscription.

Stuarts School KS2 Resource (31 Pack)


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Set sail on an adventure through the fascinating realm of royalty, revolts and remarkable events with Mysteries in Time’s Stuarts School KS2 Resource Pack. This educational resource explores the twists and turns of one of history’s most turbulent and fascinating chapters.

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Unravel the mystique of the Stuart age with this expertly curated Stuarts School KS2 Resource. Venture into the captivating world of Stuart kings and queens, the tumultuous English Civil War, the notorious Gunpowder Plot featuring Guy Fawkes, and the catastrophic Great Fire of London.

Aligned with curriculum guidelines, this class pack presents an array of stimulating activities, mind-challenging puzzles, and a historical narrative that whisks your students away to the intrigue-filled corridors of the Stuart era.

Order today and turn your students into the detectives of their individual historical adventure! Awaken history, fuel an enduring affection for learning, and transport your pupils through an engaging and unforgettable journey into the past.

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Adventure Story

31 Paperback Chapter Book – 50 pages

History Magazine

31 Fact-based non-fiction Magazine – 28 pages

Sticker Sheet

31 Themed Sticker Sheets

Bookmark with Timeline

31 Themed Bookmark with Timeline

Free World Map with interactive Timeline

1 Classroom A1-sized World Map with Timeline