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Helping children learn history can sometimes feel like a challenge, but when it’s interactive and fun, it transforms into an exciting adventure! This post is all about bringing the Great Fire of London to life through engaging activities designed specifically for kids. The Great Fire of London is an important event in history, and we’ve got a collection of interactive crafts, games and activities that will provide an engaging way for your child to learn all about it. Let’s dive right in and explore the amazing world of Great Fire of London activities for kids.

Dive into Interactive Learning with the Great Fire of London Activities for Kids


1. Great Fire of London Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful tool for teaching history. Turn the Great Fire of London into an animated story to captivate your children’s attention. You can use puppets, dramatic voices and expressive gestures to make the story come alive. Let them ask questions, make comments and get involved. The more engaged they are in the story, the more they’ll learn!

2. Great Fire of London Diary Entry

Let your child become a part of the past with this Great Fire of London activity for kids. Just like Samuel Pepys, ask your child to write a diary entry from the perspective of a person who witnessed the Great Fire of London. To make it more fun, they can decorate their diary entry to reflect the time period, using burnt edges or old-looking paper.

3. The Great Fire of London Painting

Arts and crafts are fantastic ways to teach kids about history. Painting the Great Fire of London lets your child express their interpretation of the historical event. Provide them with a range of art supplies and let their creativity run wild as they create their very own masterpiece. Be sure to discuss key elements like the fire, the buildings of the time, and how people reacted.

4. Model of the Monument to the Great Fire of London

Creating a model of the Monument that was built in London to commemorate the Great Fire of London is another fantastic hands-on Great Fire of London activity. Explain that its height, 202 feet, is equal to the distance from the monument’s location to the bakery where the fire is believed to have started in Pudding Lane. Use recyclable materials, clay or even Lego to create this iconic structure. This activity not only helps your child learn about the event’s location but also improves their spatial thinking and crafting skills.

5. Interactive Great Fire of London Map

Creating an interactive map of London during 1666 will enable your child to understand how and why the fire spread so quickly. You can use an actual map for reference and let them mark key locations like Pudding Lane, the Thames and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

6. Great Fire of London Board Game

Turn learning into a game! Create a board game based on the Great Fire of London. Players can progress through the game by answering trivia questions about the fire. This activity makes learning history enjoyable and encourages kids to recall and use the information they have learned.

7. Great Fire of London Costume Day

Role-play is a wonderful way to help children understand history better. Organise a costume day where they can dress up as people from the period of the Great Fire of London. They could be bakers, firefighters or even King Charles II!

Ignite Curiosity with these Great Fire of London Activities for Kids

All these Great Fire of London activities for kids are aimed at making history learning a captivating journey. By combining fun with education, these ideas can stimulate your children’s interest and eagerness for learning about history. After all, the spark of curiosity can ignite a lifelong passion for learning. So why wait? Start stoking those flames of curiosity with these Great Fire of London activities today!


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